Organica produce a wide range of unique formulations of natural soil-based bacteria which encourage the healthy and regular growth of plants whilst preventing disease.

These products are used by professional growers, nurseries and farmers worldwide.

These natural products assist the plant in the uptake of nutrients, reducing the need for excessive fertiliser dosing and plant growth regulators.

Featured Product:

Crop +Plus

Example of the effects of Crop Plus on new potatoes:

The number and uniformity of the grade A potatoes has significantly increased, resulting in higher yields of grade A potatoes and increased profitability of the crop.

Contact us now to see how you can achieve the same results whatever crop you are growing.


In addition to the growth products, natural plant tonics to fight infestations of soft-bodied insect pests and organic fertilisers are available.


Compost Accelerator

Lawn Booster

Marine Gro

Manure Composter

Microbial Lignin Degrader

Microbial Soil Conditioner


Soil Conditioner

Plant Growth Accelerator

Piggery Waste Treatment

Poultry Waste Treatment

Biochemical Oxygen Release

Pond Clarifier

Waste and Sludge Reducer

Fish Treatment

Immune Boost

Aquatic Management Associates

Triple Action Product Range

Organica Ammonia Detoxifier

Organica Bacteria Starter

Organica Water Conditioner

Organica Water Clarifier

Organica Heavy Metal

Organica Aquarium Immune

Organica Reduces Compounds
Aquarium Clean

Organica Nitrate Reducer

Organica Phosphate Reducer

Organica Aquarium Fish Booster

Crop +Plus

Compost Accelerator

Manure Composter

Plant +Plus

Immune Boost

Download the Horticulture & Agriculture PDF* which contains all the details of the products in the range.

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