Welcome to Organica..

Organica (UK) Limited supplies a wide range of natural products to safely and effectively solve many problems in a number of industries.

We provide a number of products to the agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, retail, industrial and wastewater sectors.


What does Organica do?

Organica (UK) Limited produces a wide range of biodegradable and non-hazardous compounds.

The products are formulations of naturally occurring microbes, enzymes and plant extracts. These are blended with various nutrient sources and carriers to create its products, which are offered as alternatives to hazardous products.

They accelerate the earth's natural process of converting organic matter into by-products including water, carbon dioxide and methane gas.

Who are Organica's clients?

Using proprietary delivery systems Organica (UK) Limited supplies unique and effective solutions to problems encountered in industrial, agricultural and retail trades.

Through a network of distributors the company supplies products to UK, Europe and USA.

Our extensive list of satisfied clients includes many Blue Chip companies, national and international companies, local councils, private estates and specialist retail water garden outlets.

Cert. No. GB09/78864


Organica (UK) Limited
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