Organica can produce bespoke microbial formulations and delivery systems for use in a wide range of wastewater applications.

All Organica's wastewater products are environmentally-friendly and use safe natural micro-organisms to provide excellent lasting results. 

Primary Consolidation Tank

Does this look familiar?

Would you prefer to see your effluent tanks without the build-up of grease and fat?

Would you like your effluent treatment plant to work more efficiently?

Do you want to reduce your effluent treatment costs?

If the answer to any of these is yes read on

Examples of these applications are:

• Treatment of the effluent at municipal sewage treatment plants.

• Treatment of liquid waste at food processing plants and reduction of organic chemicals in wastewater systems.

• Treatment of grease and fat from the kitchens at fast food chains, hotels and restaurants are biodegraded, as they are disposed of using a unique dosing system for the formulations.

• Treatment of sewers, drains and pumping station to clean and prevent blockages due to grease and fat build-up.

• At poultry farms, the lagoon water has been successfully treated to reduce the ammonia and organic load for safe discharge to water courses.

• Bring inefficient failing wastewater treatment plants back to within consent levels.

The same Primary Consolidation Tank 4 weeks after treatment with Organica Products

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Biochemical Oxygen Release

Drain Opener


Formula 33

Heavy Duty Degreaser


Microbial Tank Cleaner

Natural Ammonia Reducer


Septic Solution

Wastewater Treatment Product

Biochemical Oxygen Release

Cesspool Maintenance


Formula 33


Natural Ammonia Reducer


Septic Solution

Wastewater Treatment Product

Download the Industrial PDF* which contains all the details of the products in the range including Wastewater Treatment.

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Product Applications:

Other examples of the application of Organica products include:

Improved function of existing
effluent plants

Wastewater treatment

Biodegradation of grease and

Solubilisation of grease and

Groundwater treatment

Odour control from onsite
effluent plant

Ammonia and phosphate

Food production waste

COD and BOD reduction

In fact, in whatever industry you operate in Organica can formulate a product to fulfil your needs.

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