Organica produces a unique range of environmentally sound products for institutional use.

The cleaning products are derived from natural resources using sustainable practices. The products have low irritancy and are readily biodegradable whilst being as effective as harsh chemical products.

Organica can formulate product ranges for janitorial companies under their own label, subject to volume contact us for more info.

Organica has designed many bespoke microbial formulations and delivery systems for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

Grease trap at a Mexican Restaurant before treatment:

This grease and fat build-up will lead to drain pipe blockages, foul odours and health hazards.

The same grease trap 4 weeks after treatment with Organica products:

Note how the build-up of grease has been cleaned away and digested by bacterial action, so as not to cause any blockages downstream. The regular dosing of the drain with Organica products will keep it free from the build-up of grease and fat preventing blockages and foul odours.

Which would you prefer your grease trap to look and smell like?


All Purpose

Anti-Microbial Soap

Bio Toilet Descaler Sachets



Drain Opener


Graffiti Remover



Heavy Duty Degreaser

Instant Drain Opener

Natural Urinal Blocks

Natural Urinal Treatment

Odour Control Plus

Odour Control

Oil Ease Industrial

Organic Stain Remover

Portable Potty Treatment

Septic Tank Treatment

Download the Institutional PDF* which contains all the details of the products in the range.

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